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We understand the personal and medical needs of patients and their families, Our non-emergency medical transportation and Basic Life Support services combine compassion, experience and good judgment to provide quality care for each patient transport offering on-time service, highly trained team of patient care professionals dedicated to exceeding our patients’ expectations and fulfilling our promises by being passionate about our core principles of customer service, integrity, and operational excellence.

Simon and Simon Services, LLC

Our services are also requested by hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, nursing or group homes, and assisted living facilities. Simon & Simon Services offers a variety of vehicles. Whether you need a bus or van, we have what you need. Our transportation is equipped with paratransit equipment and commercial wheelchair lifts that meet government regulations and standards. Our specialized transportation is available to all, including senior citizens, people with limited mobility, people using wheelchairs, and parents with children with special needs.

We believe it is our responsibility to maintain one of the best networks of ambulance and wheelchair transportation that can be assembled in the industry. We are committed to offering the most advanced services to our patients and clients. We have earned a reputation for our compassion, timeliness, cooperation, dependability, honesty, dignity and respect. We are proud to transport patients to and from medical appointments that are vital to their health.


Simon & Simon Services provides ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients with transportation to and from their medical appointments. Each unit is equipped with a hydraulic lift that loads the patient into the unit while they remain seated in their wheelchair. Our wheelchair units can also accommodate additional passengers for those that are not confined to a wheelchair and are able to ambulate without assistance. Disability no longer means a loss of independence. Courteous attendants and these specially equipped wheelchair vehicles, will help you arrive in comfort.


Our Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances are staffed with Emergency Medical Technician-Basics who are highly trained at the State and Nationally Certification level. These BLS units consist of assessment and triage, airway management (suctioning and intubation), shock management, oxygen therapy, bandage and splinting, automated external defibrillation, child birth, and inter-facility transports. BLS transports are available for patient's going to and from medical appointments and can be pre-scheduled or available on short notice.

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